Calling All Patriots

Libel Lawsuit Against the Buffalo Bulletin Paperwork

July 28, 2021 Presentation

The Whole Case Against The Bond Proposal.

A detailed explanation of flawed numbers, misleading statements, liberal thinking and common sense why all of us should vote against this on August 17, 2021

14 Reasons to Vote Against the Bond Proposal
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  • CAN YOU OR YOUR FAMILY AFFORD A $49.8M TAX? $42.4M? $38.5M? $37.2M?
  • Is it fair that the golf course and YMCA are getting nearly half of this tax money?
  • Would you invest your money in a company that lost 54% of your money?
  • ”IT’S JUST ONE PENNY” means that Johnson County would become the highest sales taxed county in the state.
  • No town, city, county, state or country has ever taxed its way to prosperity.
  • Operating entities are not paying their fair share like they tell us to.
  • There is little oversight over the funds being requested.
  • Project estimates are inaccurate or incomplete.
  • CITIZENS FOR JOCO have made a series of incorrect, misleading, incorrect and unproven statements.
  • Johnson County, Kaycee, and Buffalo have over $75,000,000.00 in reserves.
  • No other funding sources have been explored or presented by tax advocates.
  • The role of government is not to own YMCAs or golf courses.
  • Government spending is not economic development.
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